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As the warm weather comes around and your mind turns to the peeling and chipping paint that may indeed be adorning your house, you’re likely to think about looking for a contractor to make it all better. There is no shortage of handymen around, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. You’ve heard about College Pro Painters and other student entrepreneurs holding a place in this industry, and you may have heard various thoughts about them. The question is: why should you choose a young kid over any of the other, experienced entrepreneurs? Doesn’t it seem like a bit of a gamble?


Why Hire a Student to Paint Your Home - College Pro PaintersThere are a few reasons why hiring student entrepreneurs like the franchisees of College Pro Painters is actually a great idea. To start, you’re hiring someone who has a fresh and excited perspective on business. Your College Pro Painters franchisee has been trained to get a job started and to see it through to a very satisfying end. They do not carry a jaded view of the world of business – a characteristic that some contractors unfortunately hold on to. As such, the energy the students bring to every day of work is new and bountiful. They are carving a path to success, and they want to make the work exciting and successful for everyone involved. That means you’re going to get a very good paint job!


As for the qualifications, College Pro Painters trains its franchisees with all the techniques necessary to execute fantastic paint jobs. And once the franchisees have their techniques down pat, they train their own painters with the same techniques. Passing the knowledge along in this way shows that the student entrepreneurs are fully capable with painting methods, in addition to building the communication between the team. With College Pro Painters, you will be hiring a team with strong communication skills and the know-how to put them to good use. You’ll get a very well coordinated team giving you the best coats of paint possible!


And finally, by hiring student entrepreneurs, you are building the future. The training and experience that students gain in actualizing this summer business is invaluable as time moves forward. College Pro Painters starts students on a path towards good business practices, and ensures that in the coming years, when college age students start moving up in larger companies, they will have a solid base of understanding on how business works from production all the way up to top-tier management.


Give student entrepreneurs the chance to prove themselves – they are phenomenally capable and fully ready to make your dreams a reality.


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