Brogan MoffetBrogan Moffet, Senior Franchise Manager - College Pro Painters

Senior Franchise Manager

College Pro Painters

Laramie and Cheyenne, WY


1. How many years have you worked with College Pro? Why are you back again this year?

This is my third year with College Pro but only my second as a Franchise Manager. I returned to the company this year to further develop my skills and improve on my rookie year. 


2. It is early-April, how much time are you spending on your business this week? What does your average day look like?

This week I will spend about 40 hours on my business, which is pretty average for me this time of year. On a typical day I work on my school work in the morning, go to class, then in the afternoon and evening I am working on my business, making calls, marketing, or doing estimates. On the weekends I usually do 5 estimates a day. 


3. What are the main goals on your to-do list for this week?

This week the main things I am looking to accomplish are doing estimates, marketing, and interviewing potential painters. 


Business Start-Up @ College Pro4. How do you manage to juggle school and manage your business?

To balance school and work I find that it is crucial to be very organized and manage your time well. 


5. What are you trying this year with your business that is new?

This year, as my business grows, I will be adding layers in the forms of marketing and production management. This is different from last year because I did these things myself, but, as I attempt to grow my business I will need help to run a clean business. 



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