By: Rachel Lyda




In the summer job market available to college students, some available jobs can range from mowing lawns, to babysitting, waiting tables or making lattes. While all require punching in a time clock, and result in a reliable income, for the ambitious individual, they can quickly become rudimentary and lack excitement. Yes, perhaps you would gain a decent amount of money at the end of the summer in those jobs, but is the time you spend at those jobs really invested towards gaining skills to help you in your future? Or is it more to just get a paycheck at the end of the month? As a college student who has done numerous of these common summer jobs, I can testify to the vast differences College Pro presents, and how it is something worth investing in.


For the typical college student looking for a summer job, there is a limited market of possibilities. Most of these jobs are task oriented and you spend the majority of your time doing specific tasks over and over again. If you are like me, this is something that just does not maintain its appeal summer after summer. For someone who seeks innovation and who is willing to task risks, College Pro presents countless opportunities to challenge yourself in ways you did not think you could. The little things, like building more efficient time management skills, coordinating and executing a set schedule for every week and meeting goals are all things you can experience with College Pro. Many well-equipped supervisors and mentors who are readily available to answer questions partner with you and help you problem solve and push you to expand your limitations. It would be dishonest to say I loved every moment of my experience with College Pro. After putting in a 12 hourday and feeling worn thin from going over budget, dealing with an unhappy customer, or an unsuccessful cold calling session, it is easy to feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment and lack of purpose. Yet, when it comes down to it, days like these are some of the ones that made the College Pro experience most worth it for me. They taught me to become more creative, more mentally positive and determined to succeed. With College Pro, there is no guarantee that everything will turn out how you hoped. But, what you can guarantee is a summer of tangible experience and applicable life lessons that you will be able to take with you into the real world.

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