By: Kristy Nieboer


I’m “The Intern” here at College Pro, the Media and Marketing intern.  I’m just finishing up my last year as an economics student at Wilfrid Laurier University. Although I study econ., I have an interest in human resources and marketing – you know, a typical student with a disconnect between my academic program and what I really think I’d like to do.


My role with College Pro started as a summer job, where I worked 50% from the College Pro office in Toronto ON, as well as 50% from home. When I applied for this job, I had no intention of a career at College Pro, I was just a student looking for a summer job.  By the end of the summer, it was clear that my position at College Pro was one of the best opportunities I’d ever been given, and I can totally see myself pursuing a career with this company. Not only did I learn a ton and expand the experience section of my resume, but I had a great time every day I was at the office (and in the field too).


When the end of the summer came, I was offered to keep my position and work from school.  I really don’t think there is a more perfect scenario for a student. This fall, I have worked with my manager over the phone to run through my weekly goals with College Pro based on my school workload for the week. I am able to do the work from wherever I am, whenever it fits into my schedule. She knows I am organized, and will complete the work I set out to do each week. She’s also understanding of the student lifestyle, and the extracurricular activities I partake in – which is important to me.


College Pro - Not Just Another Day At The Office


I have become really close with the people I work with, not just in a professional way, but also in our personal lives as well. I can honestly say I had fun while working in the College Pro office all summer. While everyone in the office works hard, they also love to have fun. One of my manager’s offices was right next to mine, and I would frequently receive a knock sequence through the wall, which would continue until I responded. I also shared my office with another manager who also often worked remotely, and we spent weeks replacing each other’s names/pictures on the door to stake claim without ever actually crossing paths. My weekly phone calls with my manager usually consist of half work-related discussion (goals, progress, etc.), and half what we did over the weekend, what is exciting in our lives, etc. Just today, while on Skype with my manager, the president of College Pro Painters Canada popped into the office to “shoot me” with his new toy gun (part of a costume – no need to call Toby in HR). Needless to say, when I finished my midterms this semester, I was dying to make a trip into the office (yes, I said dying to go to the office). What’s better than making money while doing work you enjoy, and having a good time while doing it?


In the past 7 months, I have realized that culture is a huge part of job satisfaction, and it is clear to me that the people in careers at College Pro are not just satisfied, they’re actually happy!


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