My College Pro Experience


I want to share my College Pro experience, because some of the coolest things I have ever done have been with College Pro. I have been working for College Pro for less than a year, and was hired through Enactus Canada as College Pro’s first ever intern. My role is in social media and marketing, which involves a lot of interviewing, video taping, and picture taking. Because of this, I get to join the franchisees on a lot of their excursions and celebrations.


It all started when I was asked to drive around the greater Toronto area to interview franchisees about their experience. I discovered I loved doing that – I got to meet a ton of people, learn what College Pro franchisees do day-to-day, and spend the day in the summer sun. I turned the interviews I collected into video reels for our YouTube page, and realized I also really enjoyed building videos, who knew!  (You can check out the video reels I have made on our YouTube page)


During the summer of 2012, I was asked to go to College Pro’s Manager’s Weekend for Ontario & Quebec franchisees. The weekend was in Ottawa, rafting on the Ottawa River. Not only did I get to meet about 150 people, and learn all about their experiences through interviews, I got to go rafting – for work!  In October of 2012, I got to attend College Pro’s Ontario Window Cleaning manager’s night, which consisted of dinner at the top of the CN tower.  This was a celebration of the accomplishments of all the franchisees, and I spent the night interviewing the College Pro franchisees, as well as taping their awards. I met tons more people, and enjoyed celebrating their successes with them.


Now, the biggest opportunity I’ve been given was attending College Pro’s leadership conference and President’s Awards ceremony in January 2013 – in Las Vegas! I was flown to Vegas for 5 days, to capture every part of the event on video. I got to meet all the U.S. and Canadian franchisees, learn from the CEO, Tony Valle and College Pro’s sister companies, join in on the President’s Award celebration, and experience Las Vegas.  While I did do a lot of set-up and take down, as well as video taping, the atmosphere was energetic and fun all week, and the whole trip was a great experience.


Not bad for what started out as a summer job, right? I know very clearly now that College Pro provides their people with an unbelievable experience.  Not only do you get to do some pretty cool things, but everyone in the company is like-minded: outgoing, social, driven, enthusiastic, and business oriented – which makes every event incredibly fun. Also, these celebrations I mentioned are all to toast the extraordinary hard work the franchisees put in, all summer long.


There is no question, they really do work hard and play hard – I’ve learned that, at College Pro, you can have your cake, and eat it too.


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