You’re about to graduate, and all you can think is “wow, they weren’t kidding, it really does fly by.” Panic is setting in, real life starts in just a few months. What do you have planned?


After talking to a number of soon-to-be graduates, it’s pretty clear that most people in their last year of university or college still have no idea what they want to do. A number of people are thinking about continuing with their education, whether upgrading some classes, taking a new college course, or doing a masters program. Other people are applying to jobs, but a lot of these people aren’t clear on their career path. And of course, there are some who have their destination So, Graduation Is Coming.Then What (Psst, College Pro)figured out, and even some who have jobs lined up – good for them, right? For most of us, university/college was supposed to help figure out where our life was going… but it did just the opposite. It opened up a whole new set of possibilities, careers we didn’t know about, subjects we had no idea or interest in, and a dislike for a lot of things we thought they liked. So, what now? Do you spend more time and money attending school to discover what it is you are meant to do? Or is there some way you can learn about yourself and your skills while making money?


Enter, College Pro.  College Pro provides a unique opportunity for students in all programs of study – a chance to run your own business (a painting or window cleaning franchise). This includes every aspect of running a business, and so much more.  College Pro franchisees get  extensive training – how to manage a business and employees, , how to service customers, how to run a marketing campaign, how to sell a service, how to paint and clean windows properly, and skills such as advertising, leadership, organization, budgeting, etc. The earning potential with College Pro is a direct correlation to how much work you put in, and how you learn from your mistakes.  Students often see just how much they are capable of through the challenge of business ownership. Not only does College Pro provide students with endless learning, but the experience on a resume sets them apart. Many employers see College Pro on a resume and have some understanding of the accomplishment, the work ethic, the grit and the broad array of skills involved. Running a franchise gives you the chance to be your own boss – and work outdoors all summer long!


Interested, perhaps? You can find out more at Apply for summer 2013 today!


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